Technical Aspect

(Manpower Requirements)

FIVE HUNDRED (500) member-beneficiares who work through contract or subcontract system can solve the manpower requirements of the proposed multipurpose project of the organization.

Hiring qualify relatives and jobless people to fill up the vacant position is also accepted.

Management Aspect

The organizational structure in composed of the general assembly of five hundred (500) organizing members. The thirty-five (35) members of the board of directors is created to be the governing body, while the officers such as chairman, vice-chairman, are elected from the Board of Directors by secret balloting among themselves, while the secretary and the treasurer are also appointed by the Board of Directors. The different committees of three (3) such as audit and inventory committee, credit committee, education and training committee and likewise to carry out its program and objectives. However, staff like; general manager, accountant, cashier and other are as follows depending on the resources of the organization on its first year of the program.

SART (School of Agricultural Research and Technology) building was created for the graduates who were unemployed to earn income and advance their knowledge in the field of studies of agricultural and fishing technology.

SART was also introduced for out of school youth who cannot afford to study neither in private or public school.

The organization will provide the member beneficiary low-cost housing for them to make their lifestyle more meaningful, comfortable and easy. Through this situation of the members, the organization had planned to put up a business that can benefit to the members, and the consumers through the existence of the KNIGHTS OF FEDERAL FARMERS AND FISHERMEN ORGANIZATION INCORPORATED

The organization will provide the member-beneficiaries stated in the organizational structure depending on the qualification or the capability they had possess, so that the member-beneficiaries could generate income and could actively participate in the activities that the organization may engage.

The organization has envisioned through land and sea based project to help solve the existing problem in the said locality and in return to the members and the organization itself has the chance to help the jobless people to earn and generate income for the members to be benefited.