Background Information

Negros island is considered as the center of farming and fishing activities in the Philippines. People in the area are engaged in vendee and fishing activity or any activities that they could earn income to support their daily needs. Most of them own hectares of farm lot, for farming purposes which is the main source of livelihood.

Way back 1990’s this is where the land acquisition started. Landlord with fifty (50) hectares of land and above offer their lots for VOS (VOLUNTARY OFFER TO SALE).

As the years goes by our farmers become successful and others are not. Portion of their acquired lots were offered for sale or rented by some farmers owner. Most of them were engaged in 5-6 (20% interest) basis which come from the higher class family. All their farming needs depend on middle class which is their financer. They don’t bother the higher interest given to them but during the harvest time all their products indorsed to their financer. This situation continuously practised in the said locality and the nearby municipalities and cities. Most of them sacrifice much. They don’t enjoy their fruit of labor. Income is not sufficient to support their family. Because of the lack of capital they could not afford to buy farm implements and farm supplies for their farm lots. They only rely on the part time job in which they earn low income just enough for foods. Aside from these problem in the area a proposed project arise; purchase of 2,000 hectares of farm for them to cultivate which they can benefit continuously. Purchase of carabao’s and plowing materials for eroded area of operation, ongoing construction of roads and bridges to make their transport product easier, provide deep well drilling for continuous consumption of water for their harvest. Rice mill were introduced to members and relatives extra or full time job.

For fishermen project; A purchase of fishing boat with complete fishing modernized paraphernallias ,building of fishing port with dry dock facilities, canning processing plant and communication facilities.

For Rescue group project; A purchase of rescue tug boat, rescue vehicle ambulance, rescue helicopter, rescue speed boat, communication and navigational equipments, hospital with complete modernized facilities and providing an emergency fund.

The organization provide life and non-life insurance for member-beneficiaries. Providing continous medical mission to member and non member.

To help the needy who are members and not members of the organization in time of disaster and calamity thru our skill learned from training.